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Calling the SWAT (Stop Water Attack Team): Expert Pipe Repair Services

Piping issues can swiftly disrupt daily home life, facing extensive damage and remodeling costs that can be even more stressful.

The fear of pipes bursting and pinholes dripping from corroded pipes can be quite frustrating and overwhelming.

The pipe repair technicians at PRPDS know how to handle similar situations. Our team utilizes the latest repair technological tools and time-tested techniques to deliver reliable and cost-effective pipe solutions at the most economical prices.

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Why Customers Depend on Our Plumbing's Pipe Repair Services

When pipe problems strike, getting quick help is key to preventing extensive house damage. Yet, finding a plumbing contractor who actually shows up on time and solves issues properly in one visit can feel nearly impossible.

But our team offers prompt pipe repair services within one hour or two. Once on-site, our seasoned technicians utilize advanced camera inspections and advanced diagnostics technology to get pipe issues fixed right on the first visit.

Clients Feedback

I came home to a huge mess with water gushing from under my laundry room sink from a major pipe burst. PRPDS had a technician at my door within 45 minutes who knew exactly how to turn off the water and get containment set up. His expertise and efficiency in getting repairs done were amazing. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. (John Tyson)

I never expected such sophisticated pipe inspection capabilities from a plumbing company! Being able to visually show me exactly what was going on with my old pipes and explain repair options according to my budget was huge. PRPDS knows what they do. (Charles Max)

The Pipe Repair Services We Offer!

Failing pipes negatively impact water flow and pressure for household needs like laundries, baths, irrigation, and more. Age, corrosion, natural shifts, and damage gradually take a toll over years of use. We revive drainage and water lines to optimal conditions using precision pipe repair techniques suitable for:

Leak Detection & Repair

We pinpoint the smallest drips inside walls and under floors using acoustic listening devices and smoke testing. From tiny pinholes to major pipe bursts, our water leak pipe repair services are second to none.

Trenchless Pipe Lining

We restore interior pipe walls and prevent collapse or future cracks through epoxy coatings, CIPP liners, and blow-in sleeve reinforcement without major digging./p>

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Drain Cleaning & Descaling

We clear difficult clogs and remove built-in mineral deposits through high-pressure jetting and descaling treatments customized according to your pipes.

Pipe Removal & Replacement

For severely damaged sections beyond lining repair capabilities, we handle full pipe removal and replacement, including repouring concrete floors and walls as required.

Pipe Repairs for Common Plumbing Issues

Our pipe repair services include thousands of pipe problems across the region stemming from various underlying causes. We've seen it all and can quickly diagnose issues accurately based on symptoms and visual pipe inspection findings.

Here are a few common pipe issues we address without any delay:

  • Drips & Leaks

    Undetected drips from pinholes or loose fittings often lead to major pipe bursts down the road. Our leak detection services and precision repairs prevent extensive damage.

  • Blocked Drains

    When drains get severely clogged with years of build-up, water can back up quickly. We employ drain augering, high-pressure jetting, descaling, grease removal, and more to restore flow.

  • Broken Pipes

    Count on our innovative pipe repair services to handle interior and underground pipe cracks, displacements from shifts, and complete breaks quickly and effectively.

  • Corroded Pipes

    Most modern pipes last 25-30 years before corrosion and chemical reactions cause perforations and leaks requiring replacement. We provide affordable corrosion repair solutions to restore integrity, prolong system lifespan, and reduce removal costs.

  • Frozen Pipes

    We prevent pipes from bursting due to winter freezes. Our frost-proofing techniques regulate temperature fluctuations and ensure adequate insulation levels.

PRPDS: The Pipe Repair Process from Start to Finish

Although pipe problems might appear simple at first, proper resolution necessitates compliance with safety and construction rules. Our methodical technique quickly restores functionality while keeping to the required protocols.

  1. On-Site Evaluation

    We fully assess visible symptoms, perform diagnostics testing, use camera video capture to visually inspect interiors, and evaluate repair feasibility for leaks, clogs, corrosion, and other pipe problems.

  2. Implementing Emergency Containment

    For active leaks or bursts, we first focus on turning off water mains, controlling water flow, and setting up water extraction equipment to secure the area and prevent structural damage.

  3. Review Repair Approach

    We discuss repair options aligned with pipe type, accessibility, suspected underlying causes, your budget, the expected longevity of various solutions, and the possibility of proactive whole-system replacements if aging components are failing.

  4. Perform Pipe Repairs

    Finally, we use precision techniques and advanced technology like CIPP lining for the least invasive, most durable fixes that get your pipes working again while minimizing future failure risks.

Why Professional Pipe Repair Is Essential

Don't wait until extensive water damage drives up remodeling costs. Surface-level pipe fixes fail to address underlying issues, causing chronic functionality problems. Our professional technicians have specialized expertise in long-term solutions.

A few of the benefits our customers enjoy include the following:

  • Preventing Further Damages

    Our pipe repair services include stabilizing compromised pipes properly to prevent bursts that cause water leaks, destroying walls, wood floors, carpeting, and possessions.

  • Avoid Remodeling Costs

    Considering the root problems since the beginning can help you from having to tear up floors and walls later for full system replacements at huge costs.

  • Gain Peace of Mind

    Our reliable repairs withstand the test of time. Enjoy confidence in your plumbing with warrantied solutions to protect your property.

Service Area

PRPDS takes pride in serving communities across the region. We offer emergency and scheduled maintenance pipe repair services to residential and commercial customers in numerous locations, which include:

  • Clearwater

  • Largo

  • Dunedin

  • Palm Harbor

  • Seminoles

  • St Pete

  • West Chase

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